Fill in the Blanks- English Quiz

1) They wanted to ________ all these books, but they could not find ________ time to do so.
A. cove, almost
B. peruse, necessary
C. dispose, some
D. read, sufficient
E. buy, some
2) The boy felt ________ when he knew that he had been ________.
A. joyful, lured
B. horrified, forced
C. disgraced, wronged
D. humiliated, cheated
E. worried, tempted

3) It is ________ for every tax-payer to ________ the tax returns to the Income Tax Department.
A. necessary, lodge
B. binding, pay
C. obligatory, submit
D. possible, remit
E. worthwhile, evade

4) It is useless to attempt to ________ from every danger, some ________ must be taken.
A. escape, chances
B. free, challenges
C. protect, decisions
D. flee, risks
E. dissociate, opportunities

5) Fiction approximates to science, first in accepting the obligation of being ________ to life as it is, and secondly, in asserting the right to ________.
A. faithful, explain
B. true, theorize
C. close, describe
D. realistic, portray
E. committed, narrate

6) The mill workers were not ________ with their low wages and non-payment of wages for last three months ________ fuel to the flames.
A. good, put
B. satisfied, added
C. joyful, poured
D. pleased, directed
E. unhappy, meant

7) The educational ________ of our people is far below what is necessary for effective individual living or for the ________ of society.
A. procurement, upliftment
B. advancement, upkeep
C. attainment, maintenance
D. achievement, advancement
E. accomplishment, regeneration

8) Santosh looked very happy and ________ when he heard that his proposed scheme was ________ by the committee.
A. energetic, rejected
B. elated, accepted
C. satisfied, stalled
D. disconsolate, approved
E. overwhelming, received

9) The security forces fired at the ________ who was armed to the ________.
A. criminal, toe
B. thief, head
C. culprit, nail
D. dacoit, teeth

10) ________ the broker had warned him that the stock was a ________ investment, he insisted on buying a thousand shares.
A. because, prudent
B. since, negligible
C. because, speculative
D. as, vulnerable
E. although, precarious

1. B
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. D
10. E

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