General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 16th 2016 – Shift I

Dear Readers, we are sharing some of questions that was asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 1st shift- 16.04.16 that provided by our readers.

General Awareness Questions in Railway RRB April 16th 2016 – Shift I
1.Mouse is invented by- Douglas Engelbart

2.Who has won the sangita kalanidhi award for 2015 -Sanjay Subrahmanyan

3. Which bacteria converts milk to curd -Lactobacillus bacteria

4.Right to freedom and liberty in which article of constitution -Article 21

5..Longest bridge of world is in which country- China

6.Largest princely state during Indian Independence- Hyderabad

7.Railway budget 2016 presented by -Suresh Prabhu

8. .Current chief of election commission -Nasim Zaidi

9.UHT full form- Ultra High Temperature

10. Maximum silk in India produced by -Karnataka

11.Saina Nehwal- Badminton

12.Rani laxmi bai died at which place -Gwalior

13.Brain of computer -C.P.U.

14.Muhammad Bin Tughlaq transferred from Delhi to -Daultabad

15.Largest silk producer state of India- Karnataka

16. Highest bridge on which river- Bhagirathi

17.Nirogen fixing bacteria - Rhizobium

18.Who was appointed as M.D and CEO of central Mine planing &Design institute Ltd (CMPDI)-Shekhar Saran

19. Who Chinese came to India during Guptas period -Fa Hien

20.Fullform of SPM -Scanning Pobe Microscope

21. Chemical name of Laughing gas -Nitrous oxide

22. First chocolate made by -Harnan Cortes

23.No.of bones in human adult -206

24.Who is CEO of Flipkart- Binny Bansal

25.Android uses which programming language-

26. .Supreme Commander of Indian Defence Services - President

27. .Goecha La pass is in which state -Sikkim

28.Gas in which we live in breathe -Carbon dioxide

29. Which is Digital State of India -Kerala

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