Improve your English Set-2

1. Inept- अयोग्य, मूर्ख
Unbecoming, Silly, Awkward, Nonsensical, Unfit

2. Ambient (Adj.)- चारो ओर से घरने वाला, व्यापक
Syn.: Best, Beleaguer
Ant.: Free, Uncover

3. Arcane (N.)- भेद करना
Syn.: Distinguish, Discriminate

4. Amalgamate (V.)- मिल जाना या मिला देना
Syn.: Merge, Consolidate
Ant.: Separate, Disband

5. Apprise (V.)- जताना, सूचना देना, बताना
Syn.: Familiar, Cognizant
Ant.: Unknown, Nondescript

6. Interminable(adj)- (अनंत,आपार,बेहद)-Never ending, or seemingly endless
ceaseless, monotonous

7. Intricate(adj)- (असरल,कठिन,पेचीदा)-Having complex and interrelated parts
complicated, convoluted

8. Inviolable(adj)- (पवित्र,जो टूट न सके)-Secure from assault of trespass
untouchable, sacrosanct