Questions asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 2nd shift- 02.04.16

Dear Readers, weare sharing some of questions that was asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 2nd shift- 02.04.16 that provided by our readers.

Questions asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam

1. On which planet frozen water is found- Pluto.

2. How many bones a Infant baby have- Around 300.

3. How many tastes buds are present in tongue- 5.

4. Oldest oil reserves in India- Digboi.

5. White desert in India- Rann of Kuch desert.

6. Which thing was discovered by Alexander Fleming-Penicillin.

7. Mughal dynasty was established by-Ans. Babar.

8. First President of INC- W.C. Bonnerjee.

9. Noble prize recipient of India in 2014 for peace- Kailash Satyarthi.

10. Molecular formula for sugar- C12H22011.

11. Which monument was built to commemorate the eradication of plague- Charminar.

12. Father of Indian Space Programmes- Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

13. Which was first geostationary satellite launched in India- Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE) in 1981.

14. World's first space tourist-Dennis Tito.

15. Air conditioner was invented by- Willis Carrier.

16. First woman President of Pakistan-Dr. Fehmida Mirza.

17. National song of India was composed by- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

18. Kidney stone is caused by- Calcium Oxalate.

19. Who introduced Orthodox Christianity in Russia- Vladimir.

20. Which of following element is found in room temperature- Bromine.

21. Which of following colour has least wavelength-Violet.

22. Height of badminton net above ground level-1.524 meter

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