Current Affairs Quiz of 19-20 May 2016

Dear Readers presents Current Affairs quiz of 19th May and 20th May 2016 that cover important current affair events. Current Affairs quiz prepared according to the latest Bank, SSC and other competitive exams.

GK Booster of April 2016
Current Affairs Quiz of 19-20 May 2016
1. Who was was sworn-in as the President of Taiwan?
Ans- Tsai Ing-wen

2. Centre for Environmental Health to assess environmental impact on health launched at which place ?
Ans-New Delhi

3. Who has been awarded Distinguished Leadership in Teaching Excellence Award, University of Houston’s highest teaching award?
Ans- Rupa Iyer

4. Apple Inc opens Development Office at which place ?
Ans- Hyderabad

5. Diwaliben Bhil passes away recently. Who was she ?
Ans- Gujarati folk singer

6. How much loan amount has been sanctioned by World Bank for Indian solar programme?
Ans- $625 million

7. The World’s first Scanning Helium Microscope (SHeM) has been built by which country?
Ans- Australia

8. The 2016 Women Economic Forum (WEF) has been hosted by which country?

9. The 27th series of CORPAT was conducted between the Indian Navy and.......?
Ans- Indonesian Navy

10. Name the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer who was appointed as the Ambassador of India to Romania?
Ans- AVS Ramesh Chandra