Indian Polity Quiz for SSC Exams

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice General studies questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Other exams.

Polity Quiz

Indian Polity Quiz for SSC Exams

1. On whose satisfaction period of emergency shall be extended for operation in case security of India or any part of the Indian territory is threatened—
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Home Minister
(C) President of India
(D) Vice-President of India

2. Who declares the financial emergency—
(A) President
(B) Prime Minister
(C) Finance Minister
(D) None of the above

3. After declaration of financial emergency by the President, what is the period of operation without approval by the Parliament—
(A) Three Months
(B) Four Months
(C) Two Months
(D) One Month

4. Within what period, the Parliament has to approve Financial emergency declared by the President—
(A) Six Months
(B) Two Months
(C) Three Months
(D) Four Months

5. In Financial Emergency, salaries and allowances of which groups get reduction—
(A) Central Government Employees
(B) Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts
(C) A & B
(D) None of the above

6.The President can declare national emergency :
(a) only in case of foreign attack
(b) only in case of armed rebellion
(c) if he is satisfied that a great threat exists to the security of India either due to war or external aggression or armed rebellion
(d) none of the above

7.Which one of the following functions of the Vice-President as ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha has been wrongly listed ?
(a) he presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha and conducts its business
(b) he protects the privileges of the members of Rajya Sabha
(c) he can dissolve the Rajya Sabha
(d) he acts as the spokesman of Rajya Sabha before the President and the Lok Sabha

8.The State Legislature consists of :
(a) Legislative Assembly only
(b) Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, if there is one
(c) the Legislative Assembly and the Council of Ministers
(d) the Governor, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, if there is one

9.The Vice-President of India can be removed from his office before the expiry of his term if :
(a) the Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by a majority of its members and the Lok Sabha agrees with the resolution
(b) if the Supreme Court of India recommends his removal
(c) the President so desires
(d) none of the above

10. 'Education' which was initially a state subject was Indian Polity and Economy transferred to the Concurrent List by the :
(a) 24th Amendment
(b) 25th Amendment
(c) 42nd Amendment
(d) 44th, Amendment