Computer Quiz for SBI Clerk And SBI PO

Dear Readers, we are presenting Computer Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams. Computer section play important role in scoring.

Computer Quiz

Try to solve these computer questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.
Computer Quiz for SBI Clerk And SBI PO

1. Which of the following may be necessary for you to do after you install new application software?
a) Turn the computer power switch off and then back on
b) Do a cold boot
c) Press Shift + Alt + Del
d) Do a warm boot
e) None of these

2. The power-on self-test----------------
a) Checks for upgrades to the application software
b) Verifies that the computer hardware is working properly
c) Is able to provide easy-to-follow on-screen instructions to correct hardware problems
d) Is conducted after the BIOS instructions are placed in memory
e) None of these

3. Which of the following is NOT part of the motherboard?
a) System clock
b) Connector
c) CPU
d) Chipset
e) None of these

4. Which of the following is not an example of hardware?
a) Scanner
b) Printer
c) Monitor
d) Mouse
e) Interpreter

5. Which of the following is a circuit that issue signals at regular intervals...?
a) Circuit board
b) Clock
c) Circuit card
d) Gates
e) None of these

6.The ……… lists the location of files on the disk
a) FAT
b) boot sector
c) root folder
d) data area
e) None of these

7.A device operating at the physical layer is called a :
a) Bridge
b) Router
c) Repeater
d) All of the above
e) None of these

8. All of the following statements concerning windows are true
a) windows are an example of a command-driven environment.
b) windows can be resized and repositioned on the desktop.
c) more than one window can be open at a time.
d) toolbars and scrollbars are features of windows.
e) None of these.

9. To get to the ‘Symbol’ dialog box, click on the ……… menu and choose ‘Symbol’.
a) Insert
b) Format
c) Tools
d) Table
e) Help

10. When you quickly press and releaes the left mouse button twice, you are :
a) Primary-clicking
b) pointing
c) Double-clicking
d) Secondary-clicking
e) None of these

1. d
2. b
3. b
4. e
5. b
6) a
7) c
8) a
9) a
10) c