Data Interpretation for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): These questions are based on the following data. The distribution of appeared and qualified aspirants in competitive examination from different cities.

1. What is the ratio of the number of appeared aspirants from Chittor and Etawa together to that of the appeared aspirants from Agra and Faridabad together?
(a) 17 : 33
(b) 11 : 13
(c) 13 : 27
(d) 17 : 27
(e) None of these

2. In which city the percentage of qualified aspirants to appeared aspirants is the least?
(a) Chittor
(b) Faridabad
(c) Delhi
(d) Etawa
(e) Gudur

3. What is the difference in the number of qualified aspirants in cities Delhi and Gudur?
(a) 690
(b) 670
(c) 780
(d) 720
(e) None of these

4. What is the percentage of qualified aspirants with respect to appeared aspirants from cities Bareli and Chittor taken together? (Rounded off total decimal places.)
(a) 23.11
(b) 24.21
(c) 21.24
(d) 23
(e) None of these

5. What is the ratio between number of candidates qualified from Bareli and Delhi together and the number of candidates appeared from ‘Chittor’ respectively?
(a) 8 : 37
(b) 11 : 12
(c) 37 : 40
(d) 7 : 37
(e) None of these


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