D.I for IBPS PO and Other Exams

Directions(1-5): Read the following pie-chart and table carefully and answer the questions given below.

Percentage distribution of total mobile phone connection users
Total user=14 crore

Ratio of male and female among these connection
1).The number of female users of Airtel is approximately whet percent of total number of users of Aircel?
a) 24
b) 33
c) 29
d) 21
e) 36

2).What is the respective ratio between the number of male users of Reliance and female users of Aircel?
a) 35:4
b) 12:1
c) 19:5
d) 17:8
e) None of these

3).What is the difference between female users of Vodafone and male users of Airtel?
a) 66 lakhs
b) 6.6 lakhs
c) 66 thousands
d) 6 lakhs
e) None of these

4).What is the number of total female users?
a) 7.21 crore
b) 6.25 crore
c) 7.36 crore
d) 7.45 crore
e) None of these

5).The number of female users of Reliance is what percent less than the female users of B.S.N.L.?
a) 40
b) 50
c) 56
d) 60
e) None of these

1). b)
2). a)
3). e)
4).e )
5). a)

1). Required percent= (98/294)×100=33 (approx)

2). Ratio=210:24=35:4

3). Difference=196-100=96 lakh

4). Total number=126+100+98+210+49+24+45=652 lakh=6.52 crore

5). Percentage decrease= (84/210)×100=40