May 2016 Current Affairs Quiz Revision Part-II- Important Questions for SBI and UIICL

Dear Readers, we are providing May 2016 Current Affairs Quiz Revision Part -I for upcoming SBI clerk, SBI PO and UIICL Exams.

May 2016 Current Affairs Quiz Revision Part-II- Important Questions for SBI and UIICL

1. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG)?
Ans- Hindupur Pradeep Rao

2. Which denomination banknotes with insert ‘R’ will be issued by the Reserve Bank of India ( RBI)? 

Ans- Rs. 1000

3. What is India's rank in global organization EY released the Renewable energy country attractiveness index 2016 ?
Ans- 3rd Position

4. The 2016 International Day of Families was observed across the world on.......?
Ans- 15 May

5. Who has sworn in as the 31st Chief Justice of Rajasthan?
Ans- Justice Naveen Sinha

6. India’s first Spice Museum will be opened in which city of India?
Ans- Kochi

7. India’s first startup hostel has been launched in which city of India?
Ans- Bengaluru

8. Which Bank has launched SmartUp for start-ups?
Ans- HDFC Bank

9. What is the strike range of Prithvi-II missile ?
Ans- 350 kilometer

10. Who won Spanish league title La Liga?
Ans- FC Barcelona

11. Which state has decided to launch Green Passage scheme for orphan students to ensure that they get free of cost higher education in the state?
Ans- Odisha Government

12. World’s largest Single Rooftop Solar Power Plant inaugurated at which place ?
Ans- Amritsar

13. Who was awarded Othmer Gold Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership?
Ans- Mukesh Ambani

14. Who has won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize for her novel ‘The Vegetarian’ ?
Ans- South Korean author, Han Kang

15. Which Bank has decided to close its retail banking branches in a phased manner?
Ans- Royal Bank of Scotland NV (RBS)

 16. Who was was sworn-in as the President of Taiwan?
Ans- Tsai Ing-wen

17. How much loan amount has been sanctioned by World Bank for Indian solar programme?
Ans- $625 million

18. The World’s first Scanning Helium Microscope (SHeM) has been built by which country?
Ans- Australia

19. The 2016 Women Economic Forum (WEF) has been hosted by which country?

20. Name the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer who was appointed as the Ambassador of India to Romania?
Ans- AVS Ramesh Chandra

21. Who was appointed as UN special envoys for El Nino, Climate?
Ans- Mary Robinson, Macharia Kamau

22. Who was elected the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?
Ans- Anurag Thakur

23. Which state government of India has launched PEHAL programme for raising education standards?
Ans- Himachal Pradesh

24. Who is the author of the book “Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission”?
Ans- Dhananjay Kheer

25. Who is the author of the book “Curfew in the city”?
Ans- Vibhuti Narain Rai

26. Srabani Nanda is associated with which sports?
Ans- Racing

27. Which Emmy award-winning English-born actor died at the age of 96 recently?
Ans- Alan Young

28. Turrialba volcano which erupted recently at which place?
Ans- Costa Rica

29.  Who was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Assam?
Ans- Sarbanand Sonowal

30. Who was sworn-in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for sixth time?
Ans- J Jayalalithaa

31. Who was appointed as the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Puducherry?
Ans- Kiran Bedi

32. Proposed Postal Payment Bank will be operational from.......?
Ans-March 2017

33. International Day for Biological Diversity was observed on which date?
Ans- May 22

34. Name the fast attack craft was commissioned into Indian Navy?
Ans- INS Tarmugli

35. Who was appointed CMD of Nuclear Power Corporation of India?
Ans- S K Sharma

36. Who has won the 2016 Indian Federation Cup football tournament title for the 14th time?
Ans- Mohun Bagan FC

37. Who became the first cueist in the world to hold both world and continental titles in 6-red snooker at the same time?
Ans- Pankaj Advani

38. Which indigenously built highly maneuverable Fast Attack Craft has been commissioned into Indian Navy?
Ans- INS Tarmugli

39. Who was sworn-in as 12th Chief Minister of Kerala?
Ans- Pinarayi Vijayan

40. The Indian citizens have been barred from travelling to which country recently by the Government of India (GoI)?
Ans- Libya

41. The United Nations World Humanitarian Summit was held at which place ?
Ans- Istanbul

42. With which country did China signed an agreement to build its first nuclear reactor?
Ans- Sudan

43. Who is the author of the book “The Bones of Grace”?
Ans- Tahmima Anam

44. Who becomes first US president to visit Hiroshima bomb site?
Ans-Barack Obama

45. Who was with 2016 Harvard Business School Alumni Achievement Award?
Ans- Sunil Mittal

46. Who was sworn-in as the chief minister of West Bengal for second successive five-year term?
Ans- Mamata Banerjee

47. Who has won the ‘India Biodiversity Award 2016’ ?
Ans- Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh

48. Who will be the new Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau?
Ans- Baciro Dja

49. Name the seventeenth Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) that was commissioned into Indian Navy at Kochi in May 2016?

50. 42nd G7 Summit was held at which place?
Ans-Ise-Shima in Japan

51. World No Tobacco Day 2016 observed across the world on which date ?
Ans- 31 May

52. Who was awarded with the Japan's Fukuoka prize 2016 for his outstanding contribution towards creating, preserving and showcasing South Asian traditional fusion music?
Ans- Music composer AR Rahman

53. Who became the first Indian to play top-tier European football league match?
Ans- National football team goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

54. Who became first Union Territory (UT) in the counry to sign 24×7 Power for All document?

55. Who won the 2016 UEFA Champions League for the record 11th time by defeating Atletico Madrid FC?
Ans- Real Madrid FC

56. Who has won the prestigious 2016 Scholastic Asian Book Award?
Ans- Indian author Aditi Krishnakumar

57. Seema Punia is related with which sports?
Ans- Discus thrower

58. Seema Punia is related with which sports?
Ans- Discus thrower

59. Who has won the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL)?
Ans- Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)

60. The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers was observed on.......?
Ans- 29 May

61. Name the India’s first reusable space shuttle?
Ans- Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD)

62. Which country’s women badminton team has won the 2016 Uber Cup tournament?
Ans- China