Formal Letter Format for SBI PO mains 2016

Dear readers, In this post we will discus how to write formal letters.

There are mainly five points that have to be taken care of while writing a letter. These are –

(a) Heading
(b) The Salutation or courteous greetings
(c) Subject
(d) The Body of the letter – communication or the message
(e) The Subscription – courteous leave taking, or conclusion
(f) The Signature Name of the writer

Formal Letters – They can be related to business, institution or educational purpose. The format has to be followed while writing a formal letter.

For example- You want to write letter to Branch manager then follow the format given below- 

Format (for Letter to the Branch Manager)

Your address]
[Your city, state, pin code]

[Today’s date]

[The Branch Manager]
[Name of the bank]
[City, state, pin code]

SUBJECT: describe the problem in one line

(Subject is suppose to be written in capital letters and underline the subject)

Dear (Sir/ Madam):

Introduction: Request the manager to transfer money from one account to the other.

Body: Give details such as the bank account numbers of both the accounts between which the transaction has to take place, along with the sum; you should also make a request for receipt for the same

Concluding remark: Request the manager to transfer the money as soon as possible.


[Your signature]

[Your name]