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Reasoning Quiz- Linear Arrangement

Directions (1– 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow.

I. Seven members of a family J, K, L, M, N, O and P are to be seated in a row from left to right. (The one standing at the left end will be called the 1st; the one standing at the right end, the 7th).
II. Their professions are Lawyer, Accountant, Social worker, IAS, Housewife, Commissioner and Student, though not necessarily in that order.
III. The third person is the Housewife.
IV. M, who is not the Commissioner, will stand after the person who immediately follows N.
V. J is the Social Worker.
VI. The Lawyer stands sixth.
VII. The Accountant stands to the immediate left of the Commissioner.
VIII. P stands to the immediate right of O and to the immediate left of K.
IX. N, the Student, stands fifth.
1). The person standing first from left is.
a) O, the Accountant
b) The Social worker
c) P
d) The Commissioner
e) L, The lawyer

2). The person standing to the immediate left of M is
a) The Housewife
b) J
c) The lawyer
d) K
e) The Commissioner

3). Which of the following correctly matches a person with his/her profession?
a) O-IAS
b) K-Housewife
c) L-Commissioner
d) P-Lawyer
e) M-Accountant

4). Suppose, P has to go on account of an emergency and the family brings in the servant Q, who stands to the immediate right of L. The sixth person from the left is now
a) K
b) J
c) N
d) Q
e) M

5). If the Housewife and her husband the IAS, agree to interchange places, which of the following will be true?
a) M will stand after O but before J
b) K will be the only person to the right of L
c) There will be an equal number of persons to the left and to the right of J
d) There will be only one person to the right of N and to the left of K
e) The first and last person will be the same as before

1). a)
2). c)
3). b)
4). d)
5). a)