Advance Mathematics for SSC Exams

1. If the sum of the dimensions of a rectangular parallele piped is 24 cm and the length of the diagonal is 15 cm, then the total surface area of it is
(a) 420 cm^2
(b) 275 cm^2
(c) 351 cm^2
(d) 378 cm^2
2. A flask in the shape of a right circular cone of height 24 cm is filled with water. The water is poured in a right circular cylindrical flask whose radius is 1/3rd of the radius. Of the base of the circular cone. Then, the height of the water in the cylindrical flask is
(a) 32 cm
(b) 24 cm
(c) 48 cm
(d) 72 cm

3. If the three medians of a triangle are same, then the triangle is
(a) equilateral
(b) isosceles
(c) right angled
(d) obtuse angled

4. The external fencing of a circular path around a circular plot of land is 33 m more than its interior fencing. The width of the path around the plot is
(a) 5.52 m
(b) 5.25 m
(c) 2.55 m
(d) 2.25 m

5. A horse takes 2(1/2) s to complete a round around a circular field. If the speed of the horse was 66 m/s, then the radius of the field is [Given π=22/7]
(a) 25.62 m
(b) 26.52 m
(c) 25.26 m
(d) 26.25 m

6. The ratio of the radius and height of a cone is 5 : 12. Its volume is 314(2/7) cm. Its slant height is
(a) 13 cm
(b) 14 cm
(c) 17 cm
(d) 26 cm

7. The height of a right circular cone is 84 cm and its base radius is 3.5 cm. Its volume is
(a) 3234 cm^3
(b) 1078 cm^3
(c) 2156 cm^3
(d) 2496 cm^3

8. A cone of height 15 cm and base diameter 30 cm is carved out of a wooden sphere of radius 15 cm. The percentage of wasted wood is
(a) 75%
(b) 50%
(c) 40%
(d) 25%

9. The length of canvas 12 m wide required to build a conical tent of height 14 m and the floor area 346.5 m^2, is
(a) 665 m
(b) 770 m
(c) 490 m
(d) 860 m

10. The sum of the radius of base and the height of a cylinder is 37 m. If the total surface area of the cylinder is 1628 m^2. Then its volume is
(a) 5240 m^3
(b) 4620 m^3
(c) 3180 m^3
(d) None of these