Reasoning Puzzle- High Level Set-2 (Answers Updated)

Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

There are seven friends namely A, B, C, D, E, F and G each of them aspires to become something.

Each of them likes different colours viz. Blue, Yellow, Green, Violet, Red, Black and Pink but not necessarily in the same order.
Each of them wants become Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Actor, Pilot, Soldier and Cricketer but not necessarily in the same order.
E likes violet colour and wants to become a Doctor.
C likes yellow colour and wants to become a Cricketer.
G doesn’t like black colour and doesn’t want to become an Engineer.
The person who likes red colour, wants to become an Actor while the person who wants to be a Pilot, likes blue colour.
A likes pink colour but F doesn’t like green or black colour and he doesn’t want to become an Actor.
D wants to become a Lawyer. B doesn’t want to become an Engineer or a soldier.

1. Who does want to become a soldier?
A. G
B. C
C. F
D. A
E. B

2. Who among the following likes red colour?
A. G
B. C
C. F
D. A
E. B

3. The person who wants to become a lawyer likes which colour?
A. Red
B. Green
C. Black
D. Blue
E. Pink

4. F wants to become a/an ________
A. Actor
B. Doctor
C. Lawyer
D. Pilot
E. Engineer

5. Which of the following combinations of Person – Colour – Profession is correct?
A. D – Blue – Lawyer
B. F – Blue – Pilot
C. A – Red – Cricketer
D. B – Green – Actor
E. G – Red – Actor

Direction(6-10): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

There is a group of six persons living in a four-storey building. The persons are P, Q, R, S, T and U. Each storey of the building has two flats. Thus, there are eight flats in all and two of them are vacant.
a) R is heavier than Q, who in turn is heavier than U.
b) The heaviest of the group lives on the top floor while the lightest lives on the ground floor.
c) T is lighter than S.
d) One of the flats on the first floor is vacant while one on the second floor is also vacant.
e) P is neither the heaviest nor the lightest.
f) There are only two people heavier than R. P is not one of them.
g) Q shares the floor with the heaviest of the group while R shares it with the lightest.

6. Who among the following is the lightest in the group?
a) P
b) R
c) U
d) Q
e) None of these

7. On which floor does P live?
a) ground
b) first
c) second
d) either first or second

8. Who among the following shares the floor with R?
a) Q
b) P
c) S
d) U
e) None of these

9. T and P
a) Lives on the same floor
b) Have two floors between their floors
c) Lives on adjacent floors
d) Have one floor between them
e) None of these

10. Starting from the heaviest of the group, what is the rank of Q in order of weight?
a) 3rd
b) 4th
c) 5th
d) either 4th or 5th




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