General Awareness Questions Asked in Bank Of Maharashtra PO Exam Shift 2

Dear Readers, we are presenting General awareness questions asked in Bank of Maharashtra PO exam of Shift-2 of 28th October 2016.

1. Great Victoria desert located in- Australia

2. How much denomination coin can be issued- Rs. 10

3. First bank to issue gold coins- Indian Overseas Bank

4. Urjit Patel is which number governor of RBI-24th

5. Prathama Bank Headquarter- Moradabad, UP

6. Capital of Denmark-Copenhagen

7. Currency of South Africa- Rand

8. What is U in UPI- Unified Payment Interface

9. Which bank have deployed this unique state-of-the-art robotic technology- ICICI Bank

10. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is an international airport serving the city of- Nagpur, Maharashtra

11. Loktak Lake- Manipur

12. PIN full form- Personal Identification Number

13. IDBI Bank Headquarter- Mumbai

14. Credit history- CIBIL

15. United Nations Day- 24th October

16. First Bank to issue gold coin- Indian Overseas Bank

17. Six machine is autobiography of- Chris Gayle

18. Devendra Jhajhariya related with which sports- Javelin

19. Mashreq Bank Headquarter- Dubai

20. Mount Harriet National Park- Andaman and nicobar

21. Kiru hydroelectric power project of which river- Chenab (Jammu and kashmir)


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