Sentence Improvement for Bank and SSC

                                English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-10)  : In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b), (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (d).

1. What tribute shall we pay to Gandhiji that he would appreciate? 
(a) would have appreciated 
(b) could have appreciated
(c) should appreciate
(d) No improvement 

2. After taking tuition they are now at the home in the Physics.
(a) at home in the physics 
(b) at home in physics
(c) at the home in physics
(d) No improvement 

3. Presently he is studying law.
(a) at present 
(b) at presently
(c) in present
(d) No improvement 

4. I have requested for an interview of the principal this evening.
(a) an interview by the principal 
(b) an interview with the principal
(c) an interview from the principal
(d) No improvement 

5. With rising prices people find it difficult to make both the ends meet.
(a) the both ends 
(b) both their ends
(c) both ends
(d) No improvement

6. Can you tell me where does your uncle live?
(a) where your uncle does live 
(b) where your uncle lives
(c) where lives your uncle 
(d) No improvement

7. He claimed that he was senior than me.
(a) senior over 
(b) senior by
(c) senior to
(d) No improvement

8. She can easily afford it, as she had little money and hardly any expenses.
(a) the little money 
(b) less money
(c) a little money
(d) No improvement 

9. You would have succeeded if you acted upon my advice.
(a) had acted 
(b) would have acted
(c) have acted
(d) No improvement 

10. The principal asked me that should not enter his office without permission.
(a) don’t enter 
(b) not to enter
(c) not entering
(d) No improvement 


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