Sentence Improvement- SSC CGL Mains, CHSL

Directions (1-10): In each of the statements below, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Out of the four options which follow, choose the one which best replaces the highlighted phrase.

Q1. Such people never have and never will be trusted.  
(a) Never have and never will be trust 
(b) Never have and will be trusted 
(c) Never have been trusted and never will be trusted 
(d) Never have had anyone trust them and never will have anyone 

Q2. At the end of the play about women’s liberation, the leading lady cautioned the audience not to judge womanhood by the way she dresses.
(a) She dresses  
(b) She dressed 
(c) It dresses 
(d) They dressed 

Q3. As no one knows the truth as fully as him, no one but him can provide the testimony.
(a) As fully as his, no one but him 
(b) As fully as he, no one but him
(c) As fully as he does, not one but he 
(d) As fully as he does, no one but be alone

Q4. The use of radar as well as two-way radio paging make it possible for state police to intercept most speeders.
(a) Make it possible  
(b) Makes it possible 
(c) Allows the possibility 
(d) Makes possible

Q5. No sooner had he entered the room when the lights went out and everybody began to scream.
(a) When the lights went out 
(b) Than the lights went 
(c) And the lights went out  
(d) Then the lights went out

Q6. The alarming report of the building collapse had everyone spellbound.
(a) Alarmed report 
(b) Reporting alarm 
(c) Reported alarm 
(d) No improvement

Q7. Yogic exercise seem to be help the urban population deal effectively with stress.
(a) Seems to be helpful 
(b) Seems to be helped 
(c) Seems to help 
(d) No improvement

Q8. The pedestrians must have to be very cautious while crossing the road.
(a) Must had been 
(b) Ought be
(c) Are required to be 
(d) No improvement

Q9. I am sure that he has recovered from his illness and he will accompany us to the picnic spot.
(a) And he will company 
(b) And that he will accompany 
(c) But he will accompany 
(d) No improvement

Q10. They feel very proudly that their team had won the match.
(a) Feels very proudly 
(b) Felt very pride
(c) Felt very proud 
(d) No improvement

1- c
in first part of the sentence ‘present perfect continuous tense’ and in second part ‘future perfect’ tense will be used

2. c
Neutral pronoun ‘it’ will be used for ‘womanhood’.

3. b
Subjective pronoun ‘he’ will be used in the first part, and objective pronoun ‘him’ will be used after the word ‘BUT’.

4. b
First form of the verb ‘makes’ will be used.

5. b
‘No sooner ‘ is followed by ‘than’.

6. d
The given sentence is grammatically correct.

7. c
First form of the verb ‘seems’ will be used.

8. c
For simple suggestion , use ‘are required to’.

9. a
Use word ‘company’ in place of ‘accompany.

10. c
Use past tense verb ‘felt’ and word ‘proud’.

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