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Computer Awareness Quiz for India Post Payment Bank

Dear Readers, we are presenting Computer Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams, IBPS Bank Exams,India Post Payment Bank,RBI Assistant. Computer section play important role in scoring.

Computer Quiz

Try to solve these computer questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.

1). Which of the following is a programming language?
d) FTP
e) None of these

2). What is the meaning of OSI, in terms of computers ?
a) Open Software Intrerelation
b) Open System Intrerelation
c) Open Software Interconnection
d) Open System Interconnection
e) None of these

3). What is the keyboard short key to open old work book?
a) Ctrl + O
b) Ctrl + F
c) Ctrl + M
d) Ctrl + N
e) None of these

4). Which one is a ‘text editor’ for Microsoft Windows
a) MS Word
b) MS Excel
c) WordPad
d) Notepad
e) None of these

5). Which type of storage device is a BIOS ?
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Tertiary
d) Not a storage device
e) None of these

6). Which is the shortcut key to invoke spell checker in MS Access?
a) F4
b) F5
c) F7
d) F3
e) None of these

7). Applications communicate with kernel by using
a) Unit cells
b) Shell Script
c) System Calls
d) Shell
e) C Programs

8). In which of the following office applications can you not name a file at the same time you create it
a) access
b) powerpoint
c) paint
d) word
e) excel

9). Personal computers can be connected together to form a
a) server
b) supercomputer
c) network
d) enterprise
e) none of these

10). What is the extension type of the excel 2007 files
a) .xls
b) .xlsx
c) .xsl
d) All of the above
e) None of these
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