Idiom and Phrases for Railway, SSC Exams

Directions (1-10): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer sheet. 
Q1. His position in the company was on the brink of disaster.
(a) At the top of
(b) At the point of
(c) On the side of
(d) On the back of

Q2. The parents are in high spirits as their son has got a decent job.
(a) In good position
(b) Drunk
(c) Cheerful
(d) Shocked

Q3. The police caught the thief red handed.
(a) In a red uniform
(b) With blood in hands
(c) At the time of committing the crime
(d) After reading the rules

Q4. I was so disappointed when my close friend left me in the lurch.
(a) Went away without waiting for me
(b) Helped me in difficult times
(c) Abandoned me when I needed help
(d) Stopped helping me in emergency

Q5. Some people do not grease anybody’s palm on any account.
(a) Bribe
(b) Flatter
(c) Cheat
(d) Fight

Q6. It was a red letter day in the history of the world.
(a) A day with bloodshed
(b) A dangerous note about the destruction
(c) A day memorable for some joyful event
(d) A day with love and warmth

Q7. Chintan is so innocent that he wears his heart on his sleeve.
(a) Wears dress that does not match
(b) Expresses his feelings openly
(c) Wears colourful dresses
(d) Expresses his feelings with the shape of a hart printed on its sleeve

Q8. Tagore was a man of letters.
(a) Of wide contacts
(b) An excellent letter dictator
(c) A great writer of letters
(d) Proficient in literature art

Q9. The poor subordinates are made scapegoats by their superiors.
(a) Punished for others misdeeds
(b) Developed poor relations
(c) Treated humbly and respectfully
(d) Scolded with arrogant reactions

Q10. His friend beat the boy to pay off old scores.
(a) To refund old dues
(b) To take revenge
(c) To force him to be a scorer in a match
(d) Because he had not scored well earlier

1. Ans.(b)  A point very close to complete ruin

2. Ans.(c) Happy and excited and energetic

3. Ans.(c)  At the time of committing the crime

4. Ans.(c)  To desert someone in trouble

5. Ans.(a)  grease anybody’s palm - Bribe

6. Ans.(c)  A day memorable for some joyful event

7. Ans.(b)  Expresses his feelings openly

8. Ans.(d)  A man, usually a writer, who knows a lot about literature

9. Ans.(a)  Punished for others misdeeds

10. Ans.(b)  To take revenge

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