Important Science Questions for SSC CHSL, Railway Exams set-10

Dear SSC Aspirants, Practice  General knowledge Questions and Answers -science quiz for railway,ssc exams based on latest exam pattern and ssc previous years questions

1. Transferring the clear liquid into another container using a glass rod is called ___________.
A. sedimentation
B. decantation
C. condensation
D. filtration

2. Pebbles and stones are removed from sand by ________
A. Sieving
B. Decanting
C. Threshing
D. Winnowing

3. The method of separating substances based on size, colour and shape is called _______.
A. Winnowing
B. Sieving
C. Threshing
D. Handpicking

4. The heavier component in a mixture settles after water is added to it, the process is called ________
A. sedimentation
B. filtration
C. decantation
D. condensation

5. During the filtration process, the dust particles which remain on filter paper is called _________?
A. filter
B. filtrate
C. solution
D. residue

6. The process used for separating grains from stalk is called _________.
A. Sieving
B. Decanting
C. Winnowing
D. Threshing

7.Which of the following is a reversible change?
A. Melting of ice
B. Curdling of milk
C. Burning of wood
D. Ripening of fruits

8. Which method is commonly used by farmers to separate lighter husk particles from heavier seeds of grain?
A. Threshing
B. Sieving
C. Winnowing
D. Decanting

9.Which of the following can be considered as fast change?
A. Germination of seed
B. Bursting of crackers
C. Cooking of food
D. Growth of child

10. In sedimentation process, the clear liquid above the settled heavier component is called ________.
A. solution
B. supernatant liquid
C. solvent
D. sediment

1. B
2. A
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. D
7. A
8. C
9. B

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