Questions Asked in NIACL Mains Exam-10th January 2017

Dear Readers, we are presenting General Awareness and Descriptive Questions asked in NIACL AO Mains exam that was held on 10th January 2017.


1. March 8 observed as which day-International Women's Day

2. ICC approved a stadium in Noida recently. What is its name- Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Cricket Stadium

3. RBI Liquidity related questions

4. In LAF, what does A stand for- Adjustment

5. Where is Gurdongmong lake - Sikkim

6. Utkarsh gets license for ?-Small finance bank

7. 100% govt equity in which payment bank-India Post Payment Bank

8. IRDA related to re-insurance license

9. Balpakram National Park- Meghalaya

10. Related to Consumer Grievance (CMC)

11. HPCL has approved setup of Refinery in which State- Rajasthan

12. Insurance related questions.

13. Anupam Mishra who recently passed away belonged to which field- Environmentalist

14. Consumer grievance OCMC recently launched. What doers M stand for- Mediation

15. 49% FDI in insurance must be approved by - FIPB (Foreign investment promotion Board)

16. Health insurance under which insurance- General insurance

17. How much percent comes under foreign investment for payment banks-

Descriptive Paper Questions

Essay Topics -
How are Pension Plans justified?
Based on SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Letter Topics -
Letter to Manager for transfer of Insurance Plan from Assam to West Bengal.

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