General Awareness questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam- 19th January 2017 all shifts

Dear Readers, we are presenting General Awareness questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam 19th January all shifts.

 RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam 19th January 2017 shift-1- General Awareness questions 

1. Winner of man booker prize 2016? – Paul Beatty

2. World Lion Day is celebrated on? – 10th August

3. Name the national Aquatic animal of India – River Dolphin

4. Name the Festival that Nagaland celebrated in December? – Hornbill Festival

5. What is the keyboard action for ‘redo’ in Ms word? – CTRL+Y

6. Henri Becquerel is related to which field? – Radioactivity

7. Theme of International Environment Day 2016 – Illegal trade in wildlife

8. Wildlife institute of India is located at? – Dehradun

9. National Rail Museum located is in? – Delhi

10. Airlander 10, largest hybrid airship is manufactured by which country? – UK

11. What is the minimum age for voting in India? – 18 years

12. Linux is an? – Operating System

13. In which state is Bhagoria festival celebrated? – Madhya Pradesh

14. What was the stadium in which Dr. Rajendra Pasad unfurled the tricolour on 26th January 1950, formerly called? – Irwin Stadium

15. Vinegar is also called – Acetic Acid

16. UN released a stamp for which musician – Subbulakshmi

17. Maximum number of Lok Sabha seats – 552

18. Number of anglo-Indian representatives appointed to Lok sabha – 20

19. Which country won the Kabaddi world cup? – India

20. Publication and Printing under Gazette of India is controlled by?

21. Tintu Luka belongs to which state? – Kerala

RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam 19th January 2017 shift-2- General Awareness questions 

1. Capital of Manipur – Imphal

2. Who is the President Myanmar – Htin Kyaw

3. Who is captain of T20 Woman’s Cricket team of India – Mithali Raj 

4. Raja Ram park is situated in? – Kolhapur

5. “Rann utsav” is celebrated in which indian state? – Gujarat

6. Full form of ICR? – Intelligent character recognition

7. Kud dance to which part of India? – Kashmir

8. What is Youthsat? – Artificial Satellite

9. What is the name of India’s luxury train? – Palace on Wheels

10. In which field is Sahitya academy award given? – Literature

11. Who received Japan’s Fukuoka prize in 2016 – A R Rahman

12. What does curd consists of? – Lactic Acid

13. What is the language if Goa? – Konkani

14. For which international show has Priyanka Chopra won an award? – Quantico

15. Rajaji National Park is located at – Uttarakhand

16. Mirage, the optical illusion, is caused due to – Total Internal Reflection

RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam 19th January 2017 shift-3- General Awareness questions 

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