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General Awareness questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam shift-1

Dear Readers, we are presenting General Awareness questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam shift-1.

General Awareness questions asked in RRB NTPC CBT Mains Exam shift-1

1. Ajanta Caves situated in which State- Aurangabad, Maharashtra

2. Nanda Devi peak located at- Uttarakhand

3. Who discovered electron- J. J Thomson

4. Who is CEO of NITI Aayog- Amitabh Kant

5. Climate change summit 2015- Paris

6. Winner of 2015 pro-wrestling league- Mumbai Gurada

7. Mast Telescope installed at- Udaipur

8. With which game is Bombela Devi Associated - Archery

9. UN Day is celebrated on- 24th October

10 . Beri Beri is caused by deficiency of which Vitamin - vitamin B1

11. Gandhara Art is developed in which era - Parthian period

12. At what place was the 8th BRICS Summit held - India, Goa

13. How many states and UTs in India have a coastline - 9 States and 4 UTs

14. The Iron Pillar Delhi was constructed under which ruler - Chandragupta Maurya II

15. FUll form of GUI- Graphical User Interface

16. Who is Railways Mascot- Bhola, guard elephant

17. Lakshdeep is a group of how many islands-36

18. When did simon commission came to India first time- 1927

19. Who painted the painting Bharat Mata-Abanindranath Tagore
20. Radio communication in which layer of Atmosphere- ionosphere

21. Question related with Mughal period

22. Question related with Buddha

23. Question related with surface tension

24. Messenger aircraft launched to which planet- Mercury

25. Number of judges in Supreme Court-

26. Carbon negative country-

27. Maha bodhi temple- Bodh Gaya

28.  India's cleanest city- Mysore

29- Geostationary orbit rotation period- same as of earth rotation

30-Irctc special train in Rajasthan- desert circuit 

31- Highest Mango production state in India- Uttar Pradesh

32. What kind of bill is the GST- Money Bill

33. Which is the world largest marine protected area- Ross sea in Antarctica

34. Expand UNITAR- United Nations Institute of Training & Research

35. Which Country launched Gaoefen 4 satellite-  China

36. Which is the largest organ in the human body-  Skin

37. The International renewable energy agency headquarter is located at– Abu Dhabi

38. Who was the first Indian Woman to won the gold medal in Asian Awards– Mary Kom

39. Is gold Soluble in – Aqua Regia

40. Cricket World Cup is organized by  – International Cricket Council (ICC)

41. Which game Lalitha Babar belongs to – Long Distance Runner

42. What is blue ray disc– Storage Device

43. Who is the first Indian to go into the space  – Rakesh Sharma

44. What is the rank of Mukesh Ambani in world’s richest persons – 36th

45. Who won Arjun award in Kabaddi in 2015– Manjeet Chiller

Soon More Questions will be Updated...

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