Double Fillers for SBI PO, RBI Grade B

Directions (Q. 1-10): The sentence has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for the blanks which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

                                              English Questions- phrase replacement

1). The Governor's successor will find the economy in a much better _____ than what it was in when he himself took ________ three years ago.
a) condition, holding
b) turmoil, over
c) shape, charge
d) characters, reigns
e) position, duty

2). The government's _______ to consolidate public sector banks (PSBs) could create _______ in the current environment where stressed assets across banks are high.
a) actions, exposed
b) intend, uncertainty
c) proposal, secure
d) strategies, havoc
e) plans, risks

3). The IT firm may be ______out as clients shift to cloud services _______ by rivals.
a) venting, existing
b) losing, offered
c) close, provided
d) locking, promising
e) shutting, delivered

4). In spite of _______ social platforms are likely to ______ an ever larger part of marketers' budget.
a) pitfalls, receive
b) hazards, getting
c) negative, share
d) drawbacks, obtained
e) fallen, have

5). Litigation and hurdles in a potential sale to a Chinese partner have ______the company to _______ the closing of one of its plants.
a) raised, changing
b) denying, choose
c) forced, defer
d) enable, modify
e) compelled defeat

6). India’s top tycoon Mukesh Ambani has ______one and all with aggressive tariff plans for his telecom business where calls would be free and internet data at less than half the _______ rates in the country.
a) confused, current
b) stumped, popular
c) flabbergasted, steady
d) bowled, new
e) stunned, prevailing

7). Sixteen states have ______ the constitutional amendment to roll out goods and services tax meeting the minimum number of it to be sent to the president for his____.
a) approved, dissent
b) ratified, assent
c) sanctional, compliance
d) denied, accord
e) revoked, permission

8). Mallya is on the _______ for more than Rs.9000 crore after defaulting on loans to the ______ Kingfisher Airlines, which was founded by him.
a) hook, defunct
b) way, obsolete
c) verge, valid
d) curve, bygone
e) line, dead

9). Companies across the world including Facebook, Amazon, and Johnson and Johnson have ______ themselves to studying gender pay gaps and reviewing hiring and promotion processes to ______ out bias and structural barriers to equality.
a) dedicated, come
b) bound, put
c) committed, root
d) devoted, derive
e) attached, read

10). It is _______ that the RBI has now come out with plans to _____ up on the double quick both the demand and supply of corporate bonds.
a) accepted, live
b) congenial, give
c) displeasing, turn
d) welcome, shore
e) desirable, make

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