High level Puzzles-(Rectangle and Circular Arrangement)

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

There are nine people Udit, Emaan, Jagan, Mandeep, Sankar, Murali, Akbar, Nirmal and Rasul who sits around a circular table. Some are facing towards and some are facing away from the centre. They like different airports among Kurnool Airport, Rajkot Airport, Shimla Airport, Dhanbad Airport and Gwalior airport. Not more than 2 people like the same airports. The following information is known about them. Jagan and Akbar form the only pair that is sitting together and like the same airports. They are facing in opposite directions to each other. The one who likes Shimla Airport sits third to the left of Emaan but is neither Jagan nor Murali. Udit sits second to the left of Murali, who likes Rajkot Airport. The one who likes Kurnool Airport is an immediate neighbour of Nirmal and Sankar but none of them sits adjacent to Jagan or Akbar. Udit, Rasul and Nirmal face in same direction as that of Sankar. Rasul sits third to the right of Mandeep, who is facing away from centre and likes Dhanbad Airport. Sankar sits second to the left of Jagan and likes Rajkot Airport. The people who like Rajkot Airport face towards the centre. Udit neither likes Shimla Airport or Dhanbad Airport.

1. Which of the following person likes Kurnool Airport?
a) Akbar and Udit
b) Nirmal and Emaan
c) Mandeep and Rasul
d) Sankar and Jagan
e) Udit and Rasul

2. How many persons facing outside the circle?
a) Two
b) Five
c) Three
d) Six
e) Four

3. Which of the following airport like by Nirmal?
a) Shimla Airport
b) Kurnool Airport
c) Rajkot Airport
d) Gwalior Airport
e) None of these

4. Who sits second to the right of Emaan?
a) Nirmal
b) Akbar
c) Jagan
d) Rasul
e) Sankar

5. Which of the following combinations is true?
a) Nirmal– Facing outside –Shimla Airport
b) Sankar– Facing centre– Kurnool Airport
c) Udit– Facing centre–Rajkot Airport
d) Jagan – Facing outside – Gwalior Airport
e) None of these

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Twelve countries have sent one representative Raheem, Bibek, Jackson, Dylan, Milton, Abdul, Mohamed, Patel, Irfan, Sundar, Salman and Abbas each for an OPEC Summit. They meet in a rectangular summit hall where four representatives occupy the four corners and two representatives each occupy places on each of the four sides. All of them face the center of the hall.
The following information is also given:
· Abdul, from Nigeria, sits second to the left of Mohamed, from Kuwait.
· Abbas, the representative from Saudi Arabia is diagonally opposite to Abdul, who sits second to the right of Dylan.
· Dylan, the representative from Iran occupies the third place to the left of Bibek, who is the representative from Angola.
· Raheem, from Algeria, faces Mohamed while Irfan sits between Patel and Dylan.
· The representatives from Ecuador and Qatar are diagonally opposite to each other and Jackson from Ecuador is fourth to the left of Raheem.
· Sundar, from Venezuela, is sixth to the right of Salman, who represents UAE.
· Milton sits third to the right of Bibek. There are representatives from countries in Iraq and Libya as well.

6. Patel likes which of the following countries?
a) Libya
b) Iraq
c) Either Iraq or Libya
d) Nigeria
e) Iran

7. How many persons it between Irfan and Bibek? (Counted from the left of Irfan)
a) Seven
b) Four
c) Six
d) Five
e) Three

8. Who sits third to the right of Mohamed?
a) Sundar
b) Dylan
c) Salman
d) Irfan
e) Either Sundar or Salman

9. Irfan is a representative of which of the following country?
a) Algeria
b) Qatar
c) UAE
d) Venezuela
e) Kuwait

10. Who sits third to the right of Raheem?
a) Abdul
b) Milton
c) Irfan
d) Dylan
e) None of these



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