High Level Reasoning Puzzle(sitting arrangement )

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:

There are six persons- Aarthi, Shreya, Kavya, Vidya, Diya and Madhu living in a triple floor building with six flats. The floors are Ground, Middle and Top, each having two flats. Those who have four or more books occupy the top floor and go by different Vehicles. The one who is in engineering department in a company goes by Cycle and she is not Madhu while the one who is in Computer department of a company goes by Bus, Both of them occupied same floor. Shreya who is in Science department has three books and not stayed in the Top floor. Kavya, an unmarried woman, does not have any book, occupies the middle floor. Diya and Madhu have Round purses while the rest have Square purses. Vidya, a middle floor occupant, goes by Car. One of the two persons having two books goes by Bike and is in Agri department in a company also occupied in ground floor. Two persons, of whom one is in Commerce department, do not go by Vehicles.

1). Who among the following occupies the top floor?
a) Aarthi
b) Diya
c) Kavya
d) Vidya
e) None of these

2). By which Vehicle does Kavya go?
a) Bus
b) Cycle
c) Bus or Cycle
d) No Vehicle
e) None of the above

3). What is the least number of books owned by all the persons in the entire building?
a) 14
b) 16
c) 15
d) 17
e) Cannot be determined

4). In which department does Vidya work in?
a) Commerce
b) Engineering
c) Agri
d) Computer
e) Cannot be determined

5). How many books does Aarthi have?
a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Three
e) None of these

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:

There are seven people M, N, O, P, Q, R and S. They like different Mobiles, Banks and were born in different States and months. They all were born in the same year. One of the Mobiles is HTC. One of the States is Maharashtra. One of the Banks is Bank of India. One of the persons was born in the month of September. The following information is known about them. R was born either in Tamil Nadu or in Goa. The one who was born in the month of May likes Indian Bank and Apple mobile and is either O or S. P is not the one who likes Syndicate Bank. The one who likes Canara Bank likes LeEco mobile. The one who was born in Goa is the youngest one and is either N or S. The one who likes Dena Bank was born in Rajasthan but is not N. Q was born in the month of February. P was born in Bihar in the month of July and likes Micromax mobile. The one who likes Vijaya Bank was born in November but is not the youngest person. N likes Motorola mobile. The one who likes Canara Bank was born in Punjab but that person is not O who likes Nokia mobile. The youngest person likes Syndicate Bank and he is not S.The one who was born in Kerala likes Samsung mobile but is not Q. R is the second youngest person. The one who likes UCO Bank is one month younger than Q.

6). Which of the following Banks does P like?
a) Vijaya Bank
b) Bank of India
c) Indian Bank
d) UCO Bank
e) Dena Bank

7). When was O born?
a) March
b) May
c) September
d) November
e) Cannot be determined

8). Who likes HTC mobile?
a) R
b) S
c) M
d) N
e) O

9). Which of the following statements is correct?
a) E likes Bank of India Bank
b) M likes Apple mobile
c) S was born in the month of September
d) N was born in Tamil Nadu
e) None of these

10). Who was born in Maharashtra?
a) Q
b) M
c) N
d) S
e) O


1). b)
2). d)
3). c)
4). e)
5). c)
6). b)
7). c)
8). a)
9). e)
10). d)

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