Banking and Economy Quiz- 1-10th May 2017

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in General Awareness section. Around 50-60% of questions  from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Try to Answer Banking Awareness questions given in this post. We will provide you more questions in next post.

1. What is the full form of JLF?
Ans- Joint Lenders’ Forum

2. Who has been appointed as the head of Kolkata-based Allahabad Bank?
Ans- Usha Ananthasubramanian

3. International Monetary Fund has predicted the growth rate of India economic outlook is.........?
Ans- 7.2%

4. What is the form form of FCA?
Ans- Foreign currency assets

5. Who has launched its “Express Wi-Fi” commercially in India?
Ans- Facebook

6. What is full form of ARCs?
Ans- Asset Reconstruction companies

7. Who is the largest producer of crude steel in world?
Ans- China (India third)

8. What is the full form of PMMY?
Ans- Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

9. Government sets up Inter-Disciplinary Committee to examine framework for Virtual Currencies. Who will head the committee?
Ans- Dinesh Sharma

10. What is India's rank in 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) released by the World Economic Forum (WEF)?
Ans- 40th

11. What is full form of BBB?
Ans- Bank Board Bureau

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