Reasoning Quiz for SSC Set-5

Dear Readers, practice SSC reasoning quiz for upcoming SSC CGL 2016.  These quiz based on latest pattern of ssc exam and taken from previous papers. 

SSC Reasoning -Comparison of Ranks

Directions (1 -5): find the odd word /number/letters from the given alternatives.

1.   (a) FGQR            
(b) GJPS             
(c) HIYZ              
 (d) NOUV

2.  (a) BDFG                        
(b) MNRS           
 (c) GHDP            
 (d) AEIO

3. (a) B                                
(b) E                                
 (c) I                                              
 (d) M

4. (a) India                           
(b) Pakistan                     
 (c) China                         
  (d) Asia

5. (a) GH                             
(b) EF                              
 (c) ED                             
 (d) MN

1.     (b)
      Except (b), the first two letters and last two letters are consecutive in alphabetic series.

2.     (d)
      Except (d), all are made up of consonants
3.     (c)
      Except (c), all positions are prime numbers.

4.     (d)
      Except (d), all are countries.

5.     (c)
      Except (c), in each group, second letter is one position ahead of first letter.