Important terms of Biology:for SSC Exam

1. Anatomy- Study of internal structure of organism
2. Agrostology- Study of grass
3. Arthrology- Study of joints

4. Apiculture- Rearing of honey bee for honey
5. Anthology- Study of flower plant and flower planting
6. Angiology- Study of blood vascular system including arteries and veins
7. Andrology - Study of male reproductive organ
8. Bryology- Study of Byrophytes
9. Biometrics- Statical study of Biological problem
10. Bacteriology- study of Bacteria
11. Cytology- Study of cell
12. Cardiology- Study of Heart
13. Demography- Study pf Population
14. Dermatology- Study of skin
15. Dendrochronology- Counting of Analysing annual growth rings of tree to know its age