Target SSC CGL 2016- Indian Polity Quiz for SSC Set- 17

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice General awareness questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Railway recruitment board exam of 18000 vacancies. We will provide you various types of Quizzes for CGL 2016.

Practice General awareness and Current Affairs questions for CGL 2016 and Railway Board Recruitment.

1.The chairman of the Drafting Committeeof the Indian Constitution was
a. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru
b. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Dr B R Ambedkar

2. The Chairman of the Finance Commision is appointed by
a. The President
b. The Prime Minister
c. The Cabinet
d. The Parliament

3. Articles 74 and 75 of Indian Constitution  deals with matters of
a. The  Councils of Ministers
b. The  Speaker of Loksabha
c. The  President  of India
d. The Cabinet Ministers

4. Which of the following does not pose a challenge to India?
a. Communalism
b. Regionalism
c. Socialism
d. Casteism

5. The  idea of lokpal is taken from
a. Britain
b. America
c. Scanadinavian countries
d. France

6. Citizens of India can vote at theage of
a. 18 years
b. 21 years
c. 22 years
d. 25 years

7. Who is the chairman of NITI Aayog
a. President
b. Prime Minister
c. Finance Minister
d. Vice- President

8.  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the call associated with
a.  American Revolution
b.  French  Revolution
c.  Chinese  Revolution
d.  Russian  Revolution

9. The maximum number of Anglo Indians who can be nominated to the Lok Sabha are
a.  3
b.  2
c.  5
d.  4

10.  Which of the following is not correct regarding a MONEY Bill?
a.    It can be introduced in either House of Parliament.
b.    It can be passed by the Lok Sabha even if the Rajya Saba                            rejects it.
c.    It is deemed to have been passed by both Houses if it is not returned by the Rajya Sabha within 14 days.
d.    It requires the prior approval of the President.

1- d
2- a
3- a
4- c
5- c
6- a
7- b
8- b
9- b
10- a