Ga And Computer Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 5 September Morning Shift

Dear Readers, We are providing some of the General awareness and computer questions asked in IBPS RRB PO 5 September Morning shift.

1.International Atomic Energy Agency- Vienna, Austria
2. ‎World Vegetarian Day is observed on - 1st October
3. Chief minister of Jharkhand - Raghubar Das 
4.Capital of Italy - Rome
5. Headquarters of Punjab National Bank - New Delhi
6. State with largest area - Rajasthan
7. Thailand Currency - Thai Baht
8. World's Highest Capacity Hard Drive - 6TeraBytes.
9. Place them in correct sequence (according to question) -Input – process – output – storage
10. La Tomatina Tomato-throwing Festival is celebrated in - Bunol, Spain
11. Ramanujan Award Given To- Amalendu Krishna
12. Bhutan Currency -  Ngultrum
13. CERN member first Asian country - Pakistan
14. Which of the following are Input Devices – Keyboard & Mouse
15. Educational film 'Dhanchayat' launched by which bank- HDFC Bank
16. In RTGS – S stands for - Settlement
17. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation  is related to- Banking
18.  Kisan Vikas Patra amount - It is Available in denominations of Rs 1,000, 5000, 10,000 and Rs 50,000.
19. Largest producer of Rice in world - China
20. Smart humsafar scheme launch by- SBI Life Insurance
21. Which company installed white label ATM first in country - Tata
22. New Governor of Sikkim - Sriniwas Patil
23.Turning point author – APJ Abdul Kalam
24. PV sindhu related to which sport - Badminton
25. Committee for NABARD - Shivaraman
26. Blue revolution is related to – fish
27. SAARC head office- Nepal
28. Commercial paper is issued by - Corporate
29. Which of the following is not a storage device – Printer
30. New Member of European Union - Croatia
31. Kathakali is folk dance of - Kerala
32.World information technology summit 2018 - Hyderabad
33. RRB sponser bank contribution - 35%
34. China contribution in New Development Bank - 41%
35. Egypt capital- Cairo
36. Renault Brand Ambassador- Ranbir Kapoor
37. RBI regulate - Money Market
38. NDB is headed by-  K.V. Kamath

Soon more questions will be updated



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