Sentence Correction

Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark 'E' as the answer

1. The small child does whatever his father was done.

A. has done
B. did
C. does
D. had done
E. No correction required
Ans- C

2. You need not come unless you want to.
A. You don't need to come unless you want to
B. You come only when you want to
C. You come unless you don't want to
D. You needn't come until you don't want to
E. No correction required
Ans- A

3. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only
A. initials
B. signatures
C. pictures
D. middle names
E. No correction required
Ans- A

4. The man to who I sold my house was a cheat.
A. to whom I sell
B. to who I sell
C. who was sold to
D. to whom I sold
E. No correction required
Ans- D

5. They were all shocked at his failure in the competition.
A. were shocked at all
B. had all shocked at
C. had all shocked by
D. had been all shocked on
E. No correction required
Ans- E

6. I need not offer any explanation regarding this incident - my behaviour is speaking itself.
A. will speak to itself
B. speaks for itself
C. has been speaking
D. speaks about itself
E. No correction required
Ans- B

7. He is too important for tolerating any delay.
A. to tolerate
B. to tolerating
C. at tolerating
D. with tolerating
E. No correction required
Ans- A

8. The population of Tokyo is greater than that of any other town in the world.
A. greatest among any other
B. greater than all other
C. greater than those of any other
D. greater than any other
E. No correction required
Ans - E

9. The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.
A. bad as I had expected
B. worse than I had expected
C. worse than expectation
D. worst than was expected
E. No correction required
Ans - B

10. Why did you not threw the bag away?
A. did you not throw
B. had you not threw
C. did you not thrown
D. you did not thrown
E. No correction required
Ans - A



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