Mission RBI Grade B Officer- Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

In a family of ten persons—A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J there are five males and five females. All of them are sitting for evening snacks, viz Pizza, Cola, Lemonade, Chocolate (Temptation), Coffee, Tea, Burger, Ice  Cream (Strawberry), Ice-cream (Vanilla), Chocolate (Nestle), but not necessarily in the same order. No couple eat the flavour of the same eat-able.
In the family of three generations, each female member, except B and H, has two sisters and one brother. The grandson of J does not like Pizza. B has no sister-in-law. A is not drinking tea. No male member eats Chocolate (Temptation) and takes Tea. I is father-in-law of F and he eats lee cream of Vanilla flavour. G, who eats Chocolate (Nestle), is the son-in-law of B. D, who drinks Coffee, is the unmarried sister of E, who does not like Cola. C is sister-in-law of F but she does not like Cola, Lemonade or Tea. E is G’s brother-in-law. B’s father is H ’s husband, who does not like Pizza. The grandparents neither drink any beverages nor eat any sweet stuff.

1.Who among the following likes Chocolate (Temptation)?
A) C
B) A
C) F
D) Can’t say
E) None of these.

2. F has which of the following drinks/eatables?
A) Ice-cream (Strawberry)
B) Cola
C) Lemonade
D) Can’t say
E) None of these.

3. Which of the following pairs of persons do not represent a couple?
A) B and I
B) A and F
C) G and C
D) H and J
E) E and D

4.How many grandsons does J have?
A) Two
B) Three
C) One
D) Can’t say
E) None of these.

5.How is A related to E?
A) Mother
B) Sister
C) Wife
D) Can’t say
E) None of these.

1. B
2. B
3. E
4. C
5. B

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