IBPS Specialist Officer- HR Quiz

Dear Readers, we are providing Quiz on Human Resource for upcoming IBPS Specialist Officer HR Exam.

HR Quiz

1. Which of the following component of attitude represents a person’s opinions, knowledge, and information?
(1) Affective component
(2) Cognitive component
(3) Behavioural component
(4) Objective component
(5) None of these

2. Labour standards are necessary to determine which of the following?
(1) The activities necessary to perform a task
(2) Cost and time estimates prior to production
(3) The cost of raw materials to be consumed in the process
(4) The cost of equipments required to perform a task
(5) All of the above

3. Organization is said to be an open system, because:
(1) It operates within an environment
(2) It operates in isolation
(3) Its activities are random
(4) Its activities are independent
(5) Both 1 and 3

4. Which of the following is not a limitation of job expansion?
(1) Higher capital costs
(2) Individual differences
(3) Lower wage rates
(4) Smaller labour pool
(5) None of these

5. Which of the following is a written description of the work to be done?
(1) Job qualification
(2) Job Description
(3) Job Analysis
(4) Job posting
(5) None of these

6. t is expected that the implements for safety in every factory should be
(1)    Of good quality
(2)    Properly maintained
(3)    Fully examined by a competent party
(4)    All of the above
(5)    None of the above

7. Which of the following act represents a situation in which employment decisions are NOT affected by illegal discrimination?
(1) Fair employment
(2) Legal compliance
(3) Litigation process
(4) Affirmative action
(5) None of these

8. Which organization provides established guidelines for disciplinary procedures?
(1) TUC
(2) ACAS
(3) CIPD
(4) Employees
(5) None of these

9. Orientation in an organization is done as to _______.
(1)    Train a new joinee
(2)    Select an employee for a particular job
(3)    Socialize the new employee
(4)    All of the above
(5)    None of these

10. Leave with wages is allowed for employees if they work for ………….. days in month.
(1) 15
(2) 25
(3) 20
(4) 28
(5) None of these




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