Quiz on Economic Survey 2015-16

Dear Readers, read quiz based on economic survey 2016-17. It will help you for upcoming Bank exams.

1. What was the economic growth registered by the Indian economy in the year 2015-16?

2. Name the 4R that has been suggested in the Economic Survey 2015-16 to resolve the challenge of twin balance sheet problem?
Ans-Recognition, Recapitalization, Resolution, and Reform

3.  What was the level of foreign exchange reserves at the end of January 2016?
Ans-349.6 billion US dollars

4. According to WHO and UNICEF joint monitoring program, what percentage of rural Indians defecated in the open in 2015?

5. What is the proportion of economically active population (15-59 years) as per Sample Registration Survey of 2013?
Ans- 63.3%

6. What does Economic Survey 2015-16 mean by ‘exit problem’ mentioned as part of Chakravyuha Challenge being faced by the Indian economy?
Ans-  Indian economy allows for ease of entry of firms but exit of inefficient firm is limited

7.  What are the three ‘Is’ mentioned in the Economic Survey 2015-16 that are used to analyse the ‘exit problem’ that Indian economy has been facing with respect to very low productivity firms?
Ans-Interests, Institutions, Ideology

8. As per Budget Estimates (BE) 2015-16, what is the expenditure on health as a total expenditure on social services?

9.  The revenue deficit and primary deficit as a percent of GDP according to Budget Estimates (BE) 2015-16 is.....?
Ans-2.8 and 0.7 respectively