Classification of Banks

1. Central Bank(RBI)

2. Scheduled  Banks
A scheduled bank is a bank that is listed under the second schedule of the RBI Act, 1934. In order to be included under this schedule of the RBI Act.
Scheduled banks are further classified into commercial and cooperative banks.

Non Scheduled Banks - No bank at present

Scheduled Banks -Divided into two
1. Scheduled Commercial

A) Domestic Banks                                                                    B) Foreign Banks eg HSBC
a)Government Banks         b) Private Banks
i) Public Sector Bank eg. SBI, PNB
ii) RRB(Regional Rural Bank) eg. Prathma Gramin Bank

2. Co-operative Banks
  • Primary credit societies
  • Central Co-operative banks
  • State co-operative Banks
3. Specialised Bank eg. Exim Bank, Nabard

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