Questions related with ATM

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in Banking exams. Around 50-60% of questions come from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Try to Answer Banking Awareness questions given in this post. We will provide you more questions in next post.

1). Full form of ATM ?
Ans- Automated Teller Machine

2). No of free transactions permitted per month at other bank ATMs for Saving Bank Account holders.?
Ans- 5 Free Transactions per month
Note: Recently RBI has reduced the transation limit from 5 to 3 in Six Metropolitan Cities

3).How much bank charges when you check your account balance on ATM after free Transaction limit ?
Ans- 5 RS

4) How much Bank charges beyond the Transaction limit?
Ans- Rs 20 per transaction

5) Time Limit for resolving customers complaint by issuing Banks?
Ans- Within 7 Working Days  from the date of receipt of customer complaint

6). In case failure to re-credit customer's account within 7 Days how much compensation is paid to the customer?
Ans- Rs 100 per day

7). First Bank to introduce ATM?
Ans- Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ( HSBC)

8). First Bank to provide Mobile ATM?

9).India's First Talking ATM launched by which Bank?
Ans- Union Bank of India

10). Non-Bank owned ATM is also called____
Ans- White Label ATM's

11). India's First Company to open White Label ATM's
Ans- Tata Communications Payments Solutions Ltd

12). India's First Non-Bank owned ATM(White Label ATM's) opens in which State?
Ans- Maharashtra (in Thane District)

13).Which city gets the countries first Talking ATM ?
Ans- Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 14) Talking ATM has what kind of Special Interface ?
Ans– Voice Interface

15).Who inaugurate countries first Talking ATM ?
Ans– Chairman and Managing Director of Union Bank of India, D Sarkar.

16).Which was the second bank to launch Talking ATM in India ?
Ans– State Bank of India.

17). What type of cards can be used at an ATM?
Ans- The ATM cards/debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards(that permit cash withdrawal)

18). In case the compensation is not credited as mandated, what recourse does the customer have?
Ans-.For all such complaints customer may lodge a complaint with the local Banking Ombudsman if the bank does not respond.