Banking and Finance Awareness Quiz

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in General Awareness section. Around 50-60% of questions  from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Try to Answer Banking Awareness questions given in this post. We will provide you more questions in next post.

1.What effect is seen on the credit creation capacity of the market when the RBI lowers the cash reserve ratio (CRR)?
1) It decreases
2) It increases
3) First increases then decreases
4) Remains unaffected
5) None of these

2.Which of the following regulates housing finance companies in India?
1) Reserve Bank of India
3) National Housing Bank
4) State govts

3. The RBI started issuing its credit policy bi-monthly on the recommendation of which of the following committees?
1) Shome Committee
2) Urjit Patel Committee
3) HR Khan Committee
4) KC Chakrabarty Committee
5) None of these

4.Which of the following initiatives conceptualised by Indian govt to enable delivery of public services electronically has been awarded a United Nations public service award recently?
1) Mobile Seva
2) e-Govt
3) e-Post
5) None of these

5. The instruments issued by registered foreign institutional investors (FIIs) to investors abroad who wish to invest in the Indian stock markets but without registering themselves with the market regulator SEBI are called
1) Preferential share
2) Rights issue
3) Commercial paper
4) P-Notes
5) None of these

6. The international forum to discuss and implement supervisory norms for banks across the globe is
1) WEF
2) IDA
3) Public Accounts Committee
4) Basel Committee
5) None of these

7. The trend of non-cash transactions is picking up pace day by day. Which of the following is NOT a product aimed at facilitating non-cash transactions?
1) Cheque
2) Credit card
3) Gift vouchers
4) Travel card
5) None of these

8. Despite accepting deposits and giving loans, the operation of which of the following entities do not come under the purview of the RBI as of now?
1) Regional Rural Banks
2) Cooperative credit societies
3) Payment banks
4) Non-Banking Finance Companies
5) Development banks

9. Under deficit financing, a way of funding of spending
by borrowing, the govt borrows from which of the following sources?
1) World Bank
2) IMF
3) RBI
4) Gold loan providers
5) None of these

10.Who among the following Finance Ministers of India had/has presented the Union Budget ten times, the most by any Finance Minister so far?
1) Morarji Desai
2) Manmohan Singh
3) Pranab Mukherjee
4) Yashwant Sinha
5) None of these

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