Reasoning Quiz

Directions-(1-5) Study the following information to answer the given questions

In a certain code 'best way to win' is written as 'ad mi ja no', ' the way to hell' is written as 'ku ja ig ad'. 'win of the day' is
written as 'be ku zo mi' and 'to sell of night' is written as 'be Ii ya ja'

1. What is the code for 'sell'?
(1) be
(2) Ii
(3) ya
(4) ja
(5) Cannot be determined

2. Which of the following may represent 'hell is way'?
(1) ig ad no
(2) ig py ya
(3) re ad be
(4) ig li re
(5) ad re ig

3. ‘mi’ is the code for
(1) to
 (2) win
(3) way
(4) of
(5) Cannot be determined

4. What is the code for' best'?
(1) ad
(2) mi
(3) no
(4) ja
(5) Cannot be determined

5. Which of the following represents 'of the way'?
(1) ku be ad
(2) rni be no
(3) ku be ya
(4) mi ku be
(5) be mi ad


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