What's your New Year Resolution ?

Dear Readers, year 2015 is about to end. Many of you achieved your goals this year and some missed by inches.With proper preparation and a little care, the making and breaking of New Year resolutions can be both easy and, in its own perverse way, rewarding.

Lets play a game- Make a list of your's New Year resolution 2016 and share your top 3 resolution with us and all your friends and other competitive exam aspirants. 
Be realistic in your resolutions that you feel you can achieve and it help you in your improvement.
Don’t say: “I’m going to write a book in 2016.” Do say: “I’m going to start writing a book on holiday, get about 8,000 words in before taking a few days off to think about how I might spend the film-rights money, then suddenly have another, even better, idea for a book, then give up on both projects in order to spend the autumn feeling bad about myself.” It’s all about setting achievable, incremental targets and sticking to them.

Don’t revisit old resolutions
If you have already let yourself down with a resolution in the past, don’t bring it back for another try this year. Consider it a failure for ever. That needn’t be as depressing as it sounds: it can be quite liberating to realise you will never have to download another sourdough recipe, especially when you look back over all your past achievements and realise that life is meaningless.

 Exercise caution when making resolutions about social media
A lot of people will undoubtedly resolve to spend less time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in 2016, having wasted huge chunks of 2015 in a haze of nonsense, misdirected bile and pictures of cakes. But it can be hard to quit cold turkey, and it’s probably easier to adjust your outlook. Bear in mind that people on social media aren’t real, and that when you aren’t looking at it, it stops happening.

 Lower your expectations

Plan your expectations according to your capabilities. If you plan to much and not able to fulfill it , it lead to disappointment.

If you want you can share your year 2015 resolutions also that you are not able to fulfill and whats the reason for your failure. It needs lots of courage to accept your failures.. 

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