Current Affairs Quiz of 23-24 January 2016

Dear Readers, Current Affairs quiz and GK questions based of National and International Events of 23-24 January 2016 Based on The Hindu. Read and Remember Current Affairs quiz and GK questions for upcoming LIC, Syndicate PO and other competitive exams.
Current Affairs Quiz of 1-2 December 2015

Current Affairs quiz and GK questions help you in good score in competitive exams.

1. Who topped 2015 human development index (HDI) in the South Asia Region ?
Ans-Sri Lanka

2.  Who was Nirmala Gajwani who died recently?
Ans-Former Deputy Speaker of Gujarat Assembly

3. BEPS(Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) guidelines of OECD to be implemented in India from.......?
Ans- 1 April 2016

4. Shivnarine Chanderpaul who retires from International Cricket recently belong to which country ?
Ans-West Indies

5. Who won Malaysian Grand Prix Gold title ?
Ans-P V Sindhu

6. Which State has lunched Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme for tribal people ?
Ans- Andhra Pradesh

7. Shankar Ghosh who died recently is related with which field ?
Ans- Eminent Tabla player

8. India’s largest and tallest tricolour hoisted at which place ?

9. Who has been appointed as the new executive director of Green peace India?
Ans- Ravi Chellam

10. FreeCharge has partnered with bank to launch Virtual Card?
Ans- Yes bank

11. “Naseem Al Bahr” is the 10th Edition of bilateral maritime exercise between which countries ?

Ans- India and Oman