Ga and Computer Questions asked in SIDBI Grade A officers Exam(24.01.16)

Ga and Computer Questions asked in SIDBI Grade A officers exam held on 24 January 2016.

Ga and Computer Questions asked in SIDBI Grade A officers exam

1. Bajarang Kumar related to – Wrestling
2. First State to accept E-Motor Insurance Policy named E Vahana – Telangana
3. India Won South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) against defending Champions – Afghanisthan
4. ONGC won 26th lal bahudur sastri hockey tournament against – Indian Railways
5. Mortgage loans Housing finance is the sole property of – NHB
6. Arhendu Bhushan Bardhan Passed Away ( Jan 2016 ) veteran – Political Leader
7. Open E Wallet to make transactions on Pos,E-commerce Issued by -- Banks
8. Committee on BCCI reforms headed by Former Supreme Court Head -- RM Lodha
9. Prague Capital of -- Czech Republic
10. Greece Currency -- Euro
11. Citibank India Headquarters -- Mumbai
12. Kerala Headquarter Bank among options -- Federal Bank
13. Bandhan is a scheduled -- Commercial Bank
14. Among options Which is public sector bank -- Bharatiya Mahila Bank
15. In NACH used in ECS..What does C stands for in NACH -- Clearing
16. RBI asked banks to open branches in villages doesn't contain banks population more than -- 5000
17. RBI Calculating interset rates wef April 1,2016 based on -- Mariginal Cost Funds
18. RBI Imposed penalty on State Bank of Travancore for violation of its instructions including reporting of data -- Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC)
19. Mudra Card Enables Entrepreneurs to facilitate which type of loan -- Working Capital Loan
20. Shikha Sharma CEO of -- Axis Bank
21. RBI announces Banks to fix interest for which scheme Among options -- Gold Schemes
22. Govt Going to spend 50,000 crores for which scheme -- PMKSY
23. Stand up India Scheme to boost entreprenurship SC/ST and --- Women Entreprenurs
24. INDPAY mobile app -- Indian Bank
25. Paytm acquires Sifu for -- $8 Milloin
26. BHEL commissions 660 MW in Praygraj Thermal power plant recently in -- Uttarpradesh
27. Buxa National park in -- West Bengal
28. Indian Science Congress recently held in -- Mysuru
29. After 27 years India Started Bus service from Champavat District Utharakand to -- Nepal
30. Gold monetization scheme replaces -- Gold Deposit Scheme 1999
31. RBI increased priority sector lending target to RRB -- 75 Percent
32. World Bank Announces India Growth rate for 2016-17 -- 7.8%
33. Concept of Account to Account instant funds transfer to bank accounts (24 * 7) without Holidays including Sundays – IMPS
Payment bank Cannot – lending activities
34. Small finance bank can give loans upto – 25 lakhs
35. Small finance banks maximum loan size in Capital funds to single borrower not more than – 10 Percent
36. Pinaka –II multiple rocket launched developed by – India
37. January 9 celebrated as – Pravasi Baharatiya Diwas
38. Kodaikanal princess of hill stations in the state of – Tamilnadu
39. H.D Dewa Gowda member of the 16th Lok Sabha representing- Hassan constituency of Karnataka.