Questions asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam Morning shift- 30.03.16

Dear Readers, weare sharing some of questions that was asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam Morning shift- 30.03.16 that provided by our readers.

Questions asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam

1. Good governance day? - 25 Dec.

2. Constitution day? - 26 Nov.

3. Today Indian coins are made from? - Ferritic Stainless Steel

4. Venue of cricket world cup 2019? - England and Wales.

5. Shimla agreement 1972 between? - Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

6. CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award winner? - Syed Kirmani.

7. Yogini cult has its origin from which state? - Odisha.

8. Young India Weekly Journal started by? - Gandhiji.

9. Money Transfer through mobile is called? - IMPS(Immediate Payment Service).

10. Which compound in LPG gives it smell on leakage?(Carbon dioxide, nitrogen peroxide, Sulphur compound and one more) - Ethyl Mercaptan(Sulphur Compound).

11. Hockey league 2016 is won by - Punjab Warriors.

12. The exercise "meghdoot" was conducted by Indian Army at which place? - Siachen Glacier, Leh.

13. Headquarter of UNO? - New york.

14. Pressure depends upon? - Force and Area.

15. Normal eye vision distance? - 6 meters.

16. Which freedom fighter introduced Western education? - Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

17. National Space Society headquarters? - Washington D.C.

18. Full form of BIOS? - Basic Input Output System.

19. From where we get most of Vitamin-D? (olive oil, cod liver oil, sunflower oil and one more) - Cod Liver Oil.

20. ISL Champion 2015? - Chennaiyan FC.

21. Which pm's name could be seen on Indian currency notes? - Manmohan Singh.

22. Capital of J&K in summer? - Shrinagar.

23. Full form of IFSC. - Ans. Indian Financial System Code.

24. Quit India was held in which year. - 1942.

25. Thar desert is in? - Ans. Rajasthan

26. The members of rajya sabha are elected by? - Elected members of State Legislative Assemblies

27. Study of cancer? - Oncology