Cloze test for Bank and SSC

Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

Our National leaders are still trapped in the slogans and cliches of the freedom struggle. Day in and day out, they extol the (1) of nationalism, patriotism and service to the motherland and (2) on the treat sacrifices made by our leaders in the cause of India’s freedom. Mercifully, we still have (3) of freedom fighters among us, whose number (4) keeps increasing despite the country having won freedom half a century back. Politicians are (5) to be down-to-earth people, with their finger on the (6) of the masses. They have an uncanny knack of (7) the nebulous desires and aspirations of the people. In other words, they have to be (8) in tune with the times. But what sort of (9) repeated appeals to patriotism, nationalism and sacrifices made during the freedom struggle strike in the heart of the post-Independence generation? It grew up when the country had already won Independence and the freedom struggle had (10) into history. Since it has grown up in a sovereign, democratic republic, nationalism and patriotism are nice words that do not quite inspire it.

(A) standards
(B) targets
(C) ideals
(D) goals

(A) enlarge
(B) dwell
(C) insist
(D) expatiate

(A) majority
(B) groups
(C) tribes
(D) hordes

(A) steadily
(B) generally
(C) normal
(D) periodically

(A) required
(B) supposed
(C) observed
(D) expected

(A) mood
(B) heart
(C) pulse
(D) mind

(A) leading
(B) representing
(C) reflecting
(D) articulating

(A) collectively
(B) wholly
(C) inevitably
(D) substantially

(A) tune
(B) rhythm
(C) chord
(D) music

(A) retired
(B) receded
(C) retreated
(D) returned

1- (C)
2- (D)
3- (A)
4- (A)
5- (B)
6- (C)
7- (B)
8- (B)
9- (A)
10- (B)