Spotting Error

Find out which part has an error.

1- She is one of the (a)/best mothers (b)/that has ever lived (c)/no error (d)

2- on last sunday (a)/I met my friend (b)/accidentally (c)/no error (d)
3- He thinks (a)/himself (b)/as a great scholar (c)/no error (d)

4- The principal and the staff (a)/are awaiting for (c)/the chief guest (c)/no error (d)

5- He asked (a)that how long (b)/you would be absent (c)/no error

6- I remember (a)/meet him (b)/five years ago (c)/no error (d)

7- One major reason (a)/for the popularity of television is (b)/that most people like to stay at home (c)/no error

8- Mrs. Dorai would never (a)/spend a quiet evening (b)/than attending a party (c)/no error(d)

9- The Boss took strict measures (a)/with a view to ensuring punctuality (b)/on the part of his subordinates (c)/no error (d)

10- Being idle sometimes is agreeable, (a)/but being idle all the times (b)/might become monotonus (c)/no error (d)


1 (c) Replace has in to have.
2 (a) remove on.
3 (c) remove as.
4 (b) use awaiting or waiting for in place of awaiting for.
5 (b) remove that.
6 (b) change meet in to meeting.
7 (c) change most in to most of the or many .
8 (c) change attending in to attend
9 (d)
10 (b) change times in to 'time'