Reasoning Quiz Puzzle set for SBI, IBPS and UIICL Exams

Reasoning Quiz Puzzle set for SBI, IBPS and UIICL Exams

Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow.

Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are participants from different teams, viz White, Blue, Green and Black. They participate in different categories, viz Singing, Dancing, Painting, Hockey, Tennis and Cooking in different days of a week from Monday to Saturday. There is no competition on Sunday. Two of them are the players of team White and two of them are the players of team Black.
•E participates in Tennis but he is neither from team Blue nor from White.
•A is from team White but participates neither on Thursday nor on Wednesday.
•Neither F nor B participates either in Painting or in Hockey.
•Dancing competition is held on Tuesday.
•Persons participating in Cooking and Painting are from team White and Green respectively.
•C participates in Singing on Friday and he is from team Blue but F does not participate on Tuesday.

1. Who among the following participates in Painting?
1) B
2) A
3) F
4) D
5) None of these

2. Who participates in Dancing?
1) A
2) F
3) B
4) D
5) Cannot be determined

3. D is from team
1) White
2) Black
3) Can’t be determined
4) Green
5) None of these

4. If E participates on Saturday then A must participate on which of the following days?
1) Monday
2) Tuesday
3) Can’t be determined
4) Thursday
5) None of these

5. A participates in which of the following categories?
1) Singing
2) Hockey
3) Cooking
4) Tennis
5) Can’t be determined

Directions (1-7): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it—

Eight players A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, out of whom one is a Archer, swimmer, boxer, wrestler, hockey player, football player, chess player and a tennis player( but not necessarily in the same order) are sitting around a circular table facing the center.

D who is a football player sits third to right of H. The swimmer and the tennis player are sitting next to each other. Neither the swimmer nor the tennis player is sitting next to either H or D. The Archer is neither H nor G. Chess player and the Archer are immediate neighbors of each other. The hockey player E sits second to the left of swimmer. The chess player is neither F nor sitting next to F. Only C sits between the swimmer and the wrestler. Archer sits third to the left of A.

1. Who sits third to the right of the swimmer?
(1) The football player
(2) G
(3) The Chess player
(4) The Hockey player
(5) Both 2 and 3

2. What is the profession of H?
(1) Boxer
(2) Tennis player
(3) Swimmer
(4) Wrestler
(5) None of these

3. Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbors of the wrestler?
(1) Swimmer- boxer
(2) Archer-Swimmer
(3) Chess player-boxer
(4) Hockey player- tennis player
(5) None of These

4. What is the position of the boxer with respect to the Archer?
(1) Third to the Left.
(2) Second to the left.
(3) Immediately to the right.
(4) Fourth to the right.
(5) Second to the right.

5. How many people sit between the 'football player' and 'G' when counted in anticlockwise direction from the football player?
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) Five

6. Who among st the following sits exactly between E and B?
(1) Chess player
(2) Tennis player
(3) Swimmer
(4) Wrestler
(5) None of these

7. Which of the following is true regarding C?
(1) He is a wrestler.
(2) He is an immediate neighbor of the Archer.
(3) C sits between B and E.
(4) He is an immediate neighbor of the swimmer.
(5) None is true.


1. 4
2. 3
3. 4
4. 1
5. 2

Solutions (1-7)