Banking Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains and SBI PO

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in General Awareness section. Around 50-60% of questions  from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Try to Answer Banking Awareness questions given in this post. We will provide you more questions in next post.

Banking Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains and SBI PO 

1. When bank invest in government securities by depositing collateral, it is called
1. Mortgage
2. Collateral Security
3. Asset Securitization
4. Liabilty

2. In Jan Dhan Scheme which of the following will provide the accident cover under the scheme?
1. LIC
2. ICICI accident insurance
3. HDFC ergo
4. Mac Life Insurance

3. Which of the following currncies is not included in SBI multi currency Scheme
1. Pound
2. Singapore Dollar
3. Euro
4. Yen

4. The report on Currency and Finance is published by
1. Government of India, Ministry of Finance
2. World Bank
3. IBA
4. RBI

5. What is the name of the Bank Account opened for children above 10 years of age by ICICI?
1. Smart Kid Account
2. The Young Champ Account
3. Pehla Kadam Pehli Udaan
4. Shishu Khata

6. Rs 100 notes are printed in which of the following?
1. The Indian Security Press, Nasik
2. The Security Printing Press, Hyderabad
3. The Bank Note Press, Dewas
4. None of These

7. 'A  Customer is a person who maintains an account with a bank'. This defination of the customer is contained in the____
1. Banking Regulation Act
2. Negotiable Instrument Act
3. Rbi Act
4. KYC Guidelines of RBI

8. Money whose face value or money value is more than commodity value is called as ____
1. Broad Money
2. Near Money
3. Credit Money
4. Fiat Money

9. The Share capital of nationalised banks is acquired by ____
1. Central Government, Reserve Bank of India and State Government in the ratio of 50:25:25
2.  Central Government Alone
3.  Central Government and  State Government
4. Central Government and Reserve Bank of India

10. The Reserve Bank of India keeps on changing various Ratio/ rates frequently. Why this done
A. To keep Inflation under control
B. To keep the monetary balnace in the market
C. To ensure that Indian Rupee does not lose its market value
1. Only B & C
2. Only A & B
3. Only A & C
4. All are True

1. -3
2. -3
3. -4
4. -4
5. -2
6. -1
7. -4
8. -4
9. -1
10. -3