Data Interpretation

Directions(1-5): The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of total expenditure of company P and company Q in the year 2011. If the total expenditure of company P is Rs.240 lakhs and that of company Q is Rs. 400 lakhs, then answer the questions given below:

1).What is the sum between money spent on bonus by these two companies?
a) Rs.72 lakhs
b) Rs.62 lakhs
c) Rs.60 lakhs
d) Rs.65 lakhs
e) None of these

2).For which item the money spent by both companies are minimum?
a) Bonus
b) Transport
c) Tax
d) Raw Material
e) None of these

3).What is the ratio between money spent by company Q on tax and money spent by P on salary?
a) 23:121
b) 33:144
c) 47:144
d) 144:157
e) None of these

4).The money spent by company P on transport is approximately what percentage of money spent on raw material?
a) 30%
b) 42%
c) 48%
d) 45%
e) 54%

5).What is the difference between money spent by both companies on tax ( in lakh Rs.)?
a) 26.8
b) 24.4
c) 24.6
d) 23.8
e) None of these

1). e)
2).c )
3). e)
4). e)
5).e )
1). Required sum=24+44⇒Rs. 68 lakhs

2). On tax

3). Required ratio=55/144

4). Required percent= (28.8/52.8)×100=54% (approx)

5). Required difference= 44-19.2 = Rs.24.8 lakh