Banking Awareness Quiz Set

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in Banking exams. Around 50-60% of questions come from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Try to Answer Banking Awareness questions given in this post. We will provide you more questions in next post.

1. "De – Mat" account is regulated by –
1) RBI
2) SBI
5) None of these

2. The lowering of Bank Rate by the Reserve Bank of India leads to
(1) More liquidity in the market,
(2) Less liquidity in the market
(3) No change in the liquidity in the market,
(4) Mobilization of more deposits by commercial banks
(5) none of the above

3. Which of the following is not a part of the scheduled banking structure in India?
(1) Public Sector Banks
(2) Moneylenders
(3) Private Sector Banks
(4) Regional Rural Bank
(5) State Co-operative banks

4. The rate of interest on Savings Bank Account is decided by
(1) RBI
(2) Indian Banks Association
(3) Government of India
(4) the concerned bank
(5) Banking Codes and Standards Board of India

5. Many times we read a term CBS used in banking operation. What is the full form of the letter ‘S’ in the term ‘CBS’?
(1) Systematic
(2) Super
(3) Support
(4) Solution
(5) None of these

6. FCCB stands for –
1) Foreign currency convertible bonds
2) Forex currency convertible bonds
3) Form currency convertible bonds
4) Future currency convertible bonds
5) None of these

7. Nomination facilities were extended to banks on the recommendations of
(a) Talwar committee
(b) Pillai Committee
(c) Tandon Committee
(d) Ghosh Committee
(e) None of these

8. Nomination facilities are available,
(a) In deposit accounts
(b) On safe deposit lockers
(c) On articles deposited for safe custody
(d) In all the above cases
(e) None of these

9. Which of the following are accepted as a means of introduction of a savings/time deposits account?
(a) A Passport
(b) Identity card issued by a government department the municipality, educational institution
(c) Postal identification card
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

10. Banks in India are governed by BR Act 1949. What does 'BR' stands for?
a) Banks Registration
b) Banking Re-organization
c) Banking Regulation
d) Banking Rights
e) None of the above

1. 4
2. 1
3. 2
4. 4
5. 4
6. 1
7) a
8) d
9) d
10) 3