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Error Detection for SSC CHSL

Find out which part has an error.

1- She is one of the (a)/best mothers (b)/that has ever lived (c)/no error (d)

2- on last sunday (a)/I met my friend (b)/accidentally (c)/no error (d)

3- He thinks (a)/himself (b)/as a great scholar (c)/no error (d)

4- The principal and the staff (a)/are awaiting for (c)/the chief guest (c)/no error (d)

5- He asked (a)that how long (b)/you would be absent (c)/no error

6- I remember (a)/meet him (b)/five years ago (c)/no error (d)

7- One major reason (a)/for the popularity of television is (b)/that most people like to stay at home (c)/no error

8- Mrs. Dorai would never (a)/spend a quiet evening (b)/than attending a party (c)/no error(d)

9- The Boss took strict measures (a)/with a view to ensuring punctuality (b)/on the part of his subordinates (c)/no error (d)

10- Being idle sometimes is agreeable, (a)/but being idle all the times (b)/might become monotonus (c)/no error (d)

11- People prefer to be identified (a)/by their caste community or religion first (b)/rather to be known as Indian first (c)/no error (d)

12- Japan now has (a)/the male heir (b)/to the throne (C)/no error

13- The teacher (a)/promised to the boyes (b)/a holiday (c)/no error (d)

14- He is (a)/rich enough (b)/for buying a car (c)/no error (d)

15- He repented (a) for his laziness (b)/after getting the results (c)/no error (d)


1 (c) Replace has in to have.
2 (a) remove on.
3 (c) remove as.
4 (b) use awaiting or waiting for in place of awaiting for.
5 (b) remove that.
6 (b) change meet in to meeting.
7 (c) change most in to most of the or many .
8 (c) change attending in to attend
9 (d)
10 (b) change times in to 'time'
11 (c) use rather than.
12 (b) change the in to 'a'
13 (b) remove to
14 (c)change for buying in to 'to buy'
15 (d)

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